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Cycle Breaks offers two fabulous self-guided tours in northern Italy. For families, couples, and small groups of friends these delightful new routes are ideal. And you don’t have to be super-fit cyclists – our Bolzano-Verona and Venice tours are designed to let you amble through Italy’s beautiful scenery and take in her breathtaking cities at your own, leisurely pace, discovering for yourself the joys of one of Europe’s most vibrant and spectacular countries.

What’s great about a cycling holiday in Northern Italy?

The short answer is, everything! To start with, the cycling is excellent – much of it is on flat cycle paths, often next to tranquil waterways with wonderful views. Our new tours give you the chance to experience glorious mountain ranges, beautiful countryside and some of Italy’s most impressive towns and cities.

When you are not surrounded by picturesque, rustic views dotted with medieval villages and mountain backdrops, you’ll be surrounded by the awe-inspiring architecture and antiquities of Italy’s history-steeped northern cities, like Padua, Verona and Venice with their elegant shopping arcades, opera houses and galleries.

A cycling tour of Italy will rejuvenate you. What could be more relaxing than spending your days pedalling quietly between sun-kissed pastures during the day, stopping at a pavement café for a leisurely cappuccino to watch the world go by? And then enjoying al fresco aperitifs and dinner on a pretty terrace in the balmy evenings? Which brings us to another excellent reason to visit Italy – the mouth-watering cuisine and world-famous wines!

When to go

Our two tours are available from May to October, giving you probably the best months to choose from. Italy receives most of its visitors between June and August, but many feel the best time is in the spring, before the real heat and the tourists arrive. Bear in mind, though, that in August many Italians take their own holidays, and some shops and restaurants may be closed.

Bolzano – Verona

This fascinating tour takes you to the foothills of the Dolomites, through the fertile plain of the famous Po river, and even across cultures – you begin in the German-speaking S outh Tyrol, until 100 years ago part of Austria, and travel into Italian-speaking country from Trento onwards. Bolzano, the Gateway to the Dolomites, is a delightful town, famous for its bustling, arcaded marketplace, impressive gothic church, and the South Tyrol Archaeological museum housing Otzi, the five thousand year-old ice-mummy found in the Otzaler glacier. Enjoy the breath-taking panoramic mountain views en route to Trento, the Smiling City, with its monuments, castles and Renaissance palaces.

Next, you descend past the ruins of medieval fortresses to the magnificent Lake Garda, ending on the “Passegiata panoramica” which runs along the shores of this beautiful lake, the largest in Italy. Relax and enjoy the views of the cypress and olive clad hills as you cruise the full length of the lake on the ferry to your next hotels at medieval Sirmione or Desenzano.

Having cycled through vineyards and villages, you reach your final destination on this lovely tour – Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. With the largest preserved amphitheatre in Italy, medieval frescoes, famous opera house, designer shop, top restaurants and Roman bridges, Verona has something to offer all its visitors. While in Verona we would also recommend an excursion to medieval Mantova, surrounded on three sides by water, and Vallegio s. Mincio with its wonderful botanical gardens. Read more about our Bolzano – Verona tour


Venice, the unique and enchanting city built on hundreds of islands, where canals take the place of streets, the famous gondolas are your taxis, and where almost every view contains painted palaces, ornate churches, and pretty bridges. A trip down the Grand Canal is unlike any other trip in the world.

Indulge in a spot of island hopping as the ferries carry you and your bike between the outlying islands that separate the lagoon from the sparkling Adriatic.

Follow river and canal side paths inland as they take you off the beaten path to delightful piazzas in wonderful medieval towns

Cycle past countless beautiful villas as you approach the renowned thermal spas of Abano Terme. Almost every hotel in this charming town has its own thermal spring, allowing you to swim outside all year round.

Enjoy the cities of Vicenza, famous for its stunning basilica and 16 th century palaces and piazzas, and the spectacular Teatro Olimpico, and delightful Padua, home to one of the oldest universities and the memorable 78 statues of the Prato della Valle. Read more about our tour of Venice

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