Boat & Bike

Whether you are a retired couple, a family with kids who enjoy cycling for fun, a group of like-minded boating enthusiasts or an individual who simply wants a break from the norm with their next holiday, our bike and boat breaks are great choices. Family holidays can be booked on riverboats, barges or sailboats. We offer linear, two-way and circular tours to suit every holidaymaker’s idea of what would make a great getaway.

When you book a boat and bike tour with Cycle Breaks, you will be able to enjoy the river and riverside in a perfect combination. These tours blend the best of boating breaks with restful but adventurous cycling activities. Whether you want to explore the canals of Old Amsterdam or discover the elegant beauty of the River Danube in central Europe, our boat and bike breaks offer stunning scenery, great accommodation and the chance to enjoy a different sort of holiday.

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