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We are pleased to offer electric bikes as an option on selected tours. These are only bookable in advance and at a supplement which is outlined in the specific tour details. Electric bikes are a great way to make tours accessible if you have any concerns about your pedalling ability. A full briefing will be given when you pick up your electric bike (except for holidays in The Loire).

The electric bikes on our tours are powered by a lithium-ion battery which is easily removed for recharging. The battery delivers about 40-60 miles on mixed terrain, depending on a number of factors including the overall weight which the bike is carrying (passenger and panniers!), the amount of assistance which the battery is giving (how much pedalling is also being done) and the nature of the terrain itself.

Pedalling is always required, but this can be very gentle, with the battery offering up to 70% assistance.

With the convenient charging cable/transformer, the disconnected battery is easily recharged using regular sockets at your hotel. Generally, it takes about 4-6 hours to recharge the unit fully. On some of the dedicated long distance cycle paths (eg. The Mur Valley Cycle Path in Austria) some recharging points are in place along the route.