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In terms of terrain, all our walking tours are on a similar level (or occasional incline!) This part of the world is not renowned for its mountains! The tours are graded to help you in your selection; the grading is clearly marked in each tour descriptions.

Grades 1-3 are suitable for the moderately fit. If you are planning to take the longer route options, it is advisable to be reasonably fit.

Grade 1 Very easy
Short day walks. Generally flat terrain. May include some small hills.

Grade 2 Easy
Slightly longer walks. May include gently rolling hills or stretches of beach.

Grade 3 Moderate
Moderately long walks. May include some hills or stretches of beach.

Grade 4 More challenging
Longer walks with frequent ascents or descents. The mileages of the routes do vary, considerably at times, but we’ve tried to explain this clearly in the tour descriptions.

If you have any questions about what might sit in your comfort zone or serve to push your boundaries just a little, do contact us and we’ll be happy to chat things over to find what’s right for you..