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Gentle holidays are what we do, so there are no ‘extreme’ days in any of our programmes. Many routes feature a range of detours or short cuts and some longer trips may offer rest days.

As a guide ‘occasional’ cyclists should expect to cover between 6-10 miles an hour at a gentle pace, allowing for short stops on the way. If you do not cycle regularly at the moment, then you will almost certainly benefit from spending a little time in the saddle before you depart if you can – more an effort to minimise the effect of saddle soreness rather than an attempt to get you fit!

Tours graded 1-3 are suitable for the moderately fit.

If you’ve chosen one of our longer tours and don’t exercise regularly, it is probably a good idea to exercise a little and get reasonably fit before your holiday.

If you have any questions about what might sit in your comfort zone or serve to push your boundaries just a little, do contact us and we’ll be happy to chat things over to find what’s right for you.