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All our customers travel different distances to reach their cycle break destination. For this reason, we arrange the majority of our tour routes to be flexible on the arrival day, perhaps giving some gentle pointers for places to explore.

For tours starting in Needham Market, Suffolk some optional day rides may be suggested. The itinerary proper starts from day 2.

If your tour starts in Needham Market, Suffolk and you are able to arrive by 1000h, it is possible to drop the first night accommodation and start the tour immediately upon arrival. We offer a discount for this ‘early start option’.

Our tours in England do not generally include an overnight on the day that you finish; in Europe however most of our tours include an overnight at the end of your holiday, with you departing after breakfast.

We are very happy to make arrangements for extra nights at our selected accommodations either where your tour starts/finishes or in the vicinity.

Prices for additional accommodation can be found by following the link to ‘Detailed prices & dates’ which can be found on each detailed tour page.