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Comfortable shoes or trainers with fairly rigid soles and a waterproof jacket (just in case…!) are probably the only main requirements. Bring clothes for warm and cooler weather which you can layer up as appropriate. Lighter garments which give freedom of movement and bright colours for safety reasons are a good idea, and it is best to avoid trousers or shorts with thick seams (such as jeans) if you can, for comfort’s sake!

Even in England do pack sunglasses as these can also help protect against dust and sun-creams. We advocate the wearing of a cycle helmet (available free of charge for cycle breaks in England and some, but not all cycle breaks in Europe – please see What’s Included for the tour in question) but if you would rather not, a hat for sun protection is advisable. A water bottle is a must.

Your bike comes equipped with a trip computer if you want to help yourself feel virtuous by recording your cycling achievements.

You won’t need to carry much and we provide bike panniers to do this – don’t forget, we transport all your luggage and we’ll let you know where there’ll be places for snacks and meals along the way.