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The white cities and trulli houses of Puglia; Salento’s shining seas and Northern Italy’s inviting lakelands around Garda, Verona and Bolzano; the undiscovered mountain valleys of Piedmont near Turin; the lagoons of magical Venice and Veneto heading inland to Vicenza, not to mention the villas and vineyards of Tuscany – places which are just perfect for gentle cycling holidays in Italy.

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Why these parts of Italy? Well now, let’s see…

Scooping gondolas and skyward-stretching campaniles. Broad Salento bays and historic harbours. Pisa’s real leaning legacy and a cluttered bridge where shuttered shops gleam with gold. The tallest redbrick crenulations and grey-green domes. Jagged Dolomite peaks. Breathtaking Piedmont panoramas. Vineyard hills, rolling as softly as the local language itself. Verona, Vicenza, Venezia, Veneto, each one their own frisson of excitement. Medieval arcades bustling with shoppers. Mario’s market boat on the water. Turin’s sweet treat of a chocolate festival or a good glass of light Schiava sunshine, washing down fresh pizza on the piazza. Olive trees and magnolias on the mild, almost Mediterranean, Lago di Garda. Canavese castles and palazzos a plenty or the lands of Leonardo baking in the Tuscan sun. The touching grace of lovers’graffiti under Juliet’s balcony and the freedom of freewheeling to Torbole.  White cities clustered on the coast or rising from the rugged Puglian landscape. Romanesque cloisters and grand arenas. Fading shuttered facades in reddy-brown, green and white – somehow so elegantly Italian. Colourful glass gifts, fascinating frescos and the peachy sparkle of the finest chilled Prosecco.

Great places to stay…

Our Italian hotels have plenty of character from facades flowing with flowers or adorned with red and white shutters to 19th C. neo-classical treats with elegant terraces , an authentic trulli house or a Patrician villa complete with chapel and cloister, to bright modern properties in cheerful colours or with classy glass fronts. They are rated four or three star according to local classifications and some have pool facilities and rooms with balconies.

Accommodation upgrades to include some 5 star or 5 star deluxe properties are options on some tours in Puglia.

Making sure you get a taste of the place

Hotel stays for our bike tours in Italy are arranged on a bed and breakfast basis but in our route notes, we point out great places to stop for lunch, a picnic, a refreshing glass of local wine or pleasantly chilled beer. We also give tips for evening meals, either at the hotel or nearby restaurants.

Good friends to support you along your way…

As much as we might like to, we can’t cut ourselves into pieces and welcome you personally all around Europe. In Italy, we work in partnership with local experts who share our commitment to quality, service and great cycling. Together, we ensure that the route notes prepared during our own latest experiences are up-to-date and that accommodation continues to meet our high standards. We are proud of our partners and delighted that you will be welcomed by friends.

Getting to the start of your adventure

We’ve been organising cycling holidays to Italy since 2008. Although there are constant changes in the world of passenger transport: we have knowledge to share about how to get to Italy by rail, ferry, tunnel or air. We are pleased to talk through all travel arrangements, including transfers from stations and parking for your vehicle.

For our selected bike tours in Italy, we suggest rail travel to Verona, Venice (Mestre), Bolzano, Pisa, Turin, Matera, Alberobello and Lecce or flights into Venice, Treviso, Verona, Brescia, Innsbruck, Pisa, Florence, Turin, Milan, Bari or Brindisi.